COST FP1005 ''Fibre Suspension Flow Modelling''


Training Schools


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Coordinated by:
Fredrik Lundell (KTH), Juha Salmela (VTT),

Download the training school schedule (pdf)

Dates: 18-21 June, 2012 - 4 days

Location: days 1 and 2 at KTH (Stockholm, Sweden), days 3 and 4 at VTT (Jyväskylä, Finland)

Note: Transfer from/to KTH to/from VTT will be operated with overnight ferry and train (cheaper than hotel...).
Departure from Stockholm: June 18, 19:30 - Arrival in Jyvaskyla: June 19, 12:39.
Departure from Jyvaskyla: June 21, 14:17 - Arrival in Stockholm: June 22, 06:10.

Registration: by email to Malin Landin:
The maximum number of trainees has been reached. Applications are no longer possible.

Object: to instruct trainees to state-of-the art experimental techniques for analysis of fibre suspension flows. These tools will be useful to perform the test cases that have been selected to establish the knowledge base.

Topics and Trainers:
Magnetic Resonance Imaging flow measurement, KTH, Bob Powell (UC Davis)
Ultrasound Velocity Profiling, KTH, Johan Wiklund (SIK - Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology)
Doppler and conventional Optical Coherence Tomography, VTT, Janne Lauri (Oulo University).
Optoelectronic measurement techniques, VTT, Markko Myllys (Jyvaskyla University).
Further topics possibly covered: rheology, x-ray micro/nano tomography

The training school is organized with lectures held before lunch, and ``hands on'' sessions held after lunch.

COST trainees:
Afshin Abbasi Hoseini (NO)
Marina Campolo          (IT)
Alessandro Capone      (IT)
Carla Cotas                   (PT)
Axel Ekman                  (FI)
Sanna Haavisto             (FI)
Ramin Imani Jajarmi     (SE)
Michail Michail            (SE)
Arttu Miettinen            (FI)
Tomas Rosen                (SE)
Juha Salmela                 (FI)
Pasi Selenius                 (FI)
Rui Silva                       (PT)

Non-COST trainees:
Abbas Nikbakht            (CA)
Jordan Mackenzie         (CA)
Shima Parsa                   (USA) wesleyan