COST FP1005 ''Fibre Suspension Flow Modelling''


Knowledge Base: Selected Test Cases
There have been several national research projects on fibre suspension flows and different research groups have been developing their methods independently from each other. They have also utilized modelling and experimental methods to various problems without coordination, thus making it hard to compare different methods. The Action will (i) make the work internationally visible, (ii) define common test problems, and (iii) store both simulated and measured data into a knowledge base. The knowledge base will be accessible for data retrieval and new inclusions after the Action as well. Newcomers can learn fibre suspension flow phenomena by solving well-defined test cases and by comparing their own results to that found in the knowledge base, for example. And, emerging methodologies can challenge the old ones by demonstrating how they success in solving the contiguously defined test problem.

Below are the guidelines for the test case problems selected by each Working Group. Guidelines will be updated regularly and a detailed list of repositories will be provided as soon as data become available.

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