COST FP1005 ''Fibre Suspension Flow Modelling''


Research Projects
Projects supported by FP1005:

 1. Simulation of two-phase flow patterns with a new approach based on Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics - SPH-2PHASEFLOW

Coordinated by: J. P. Minier, (EDF, Chatou),

Project start, duration: 01.03.2015, 18 months

Funding organization: Nugenia +

 2. Using CFD to Model Fibre Suspensions Flows - FIBERFLOW

Coordinated by: M. G. Rasteiro, (University of Coimbra),

Project start, duration: 01.05.2011, 36 months

Funding organization: FCT (Portuguese Science Foundation)

 3. Modeling heat and moisture flow through a wood fiber network during calendering of paper sheets

Coordinated by: Heiko Thoemen, PhD (BFH-AHB),

Project start, duration: 01.10.2012, 30 months

Funding organization: State Secretariat for Education and Research SER, International Cooperation / COST Competence Centre